Robyn Thompson:
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How it all started

My childhood was marked not by games or play-dates, but by a deep-seated awareness of our financial constraints. Every resonating sound of the neighborhood ice cream truck wasn’t a call to joy, but a reminder of what we couldn’t afford. The chants of my classmates painting me as the “poor” kid were more than just words; they shaped my relationship with money, self-worth, and aspiration.

The sting of poverty is not just about empty pockets; it’s about missed opportunities, hushed dreams, and often, the overwhelming feeling of not being enough. But adversity, while a tough teacher, imparted to me invaluable lessons. It fueled a determination to change not just my financial narrative but also to understand the deep emotional ties we all have with money.

 Today, as a leading money habits and financial expert, I stand not just as a testament to what’s possible when one is determined to overcome poverty but as a beacon of hope for others. Through keynote stages, television broadcasts, and wealth consultancy, I aim to empower. To show that with the right guidance, mindset, and, most importantly, habits, we can rewrite our financial destinies.

I believe that wealth is within reach for all of us, if we focus on our behaviors first. I am here to show you how.  

wealth consultant

As the founder of Castlemark Wealth Management, Robyn has personally advised professionals, business owners, individuals, and families by offering customized financial services including financial planning and asset management. She holds the gold standard in professional credentials, including the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designations. Robyn is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI®), the most senior credential in the industry. Robyn continues to provides money management services to high-net-worth and institutional clients. Robyn is a financial literacy award winning champion and the recipient of the 5-Star Women in Wealth (2021, 2022, 2023), and 5-Star Top Teams Award (2021, 2022) from Wealth Professional Canada.


A sought-after keynote speaker, popular media personality, and award-winning financial advisor, Robyn is a leading motivator and educator. Her mission is to transform beliefs and behaviors to create habitual financial excellence. “I believe everyone can achieve a healthier and happier relationship to money…whether you have a little or a lot. Specific behaviors and actions will improve our financial lives.” Drawing on her personal experiences and professional expertise, Robyn appears frequently on TV, radio, and in print to discuss a wide range of financial topics. Down-to-earth, funny, and relatable, Robyn connects with viewers, motivating them to reach higher and achieve their goals. She makes complicated subjects entertaining and accessible to a wide range of audiences.


“Robyn was not only POWERFUL, but incredibly INSPIRING.

She LIT up the room”

~ Sixcia Devine, CEO Caritas Smile


“Robyn’s commitment to truly knowing the goals of her clients and responding uniquely to those sets her apart from advisors who simply fit you into a portfolio strategy.”

~ M. & A. Maxwell, private wealth management clients


“Robyn is a visionary leading a revolution for female financial independence. She delivers a life changing keynote for women who want to take control of their financial present and future.”

~ Julie Jungalwala, President, Academic Leadership Group and Keynote Speaker


“Robyn’s expertise and approach to our financial portfolio gave us confidence that we were protected from a volatile market.”

~ Nancy and Mark D., private wealth management clients


“Robyn has taken the time to know us, which is the foundation for putting our interests first. Robyn’s advice has been strategic and on target allowing us to grow and benefit from good times, and to weather the bad.”

~ Vicky and Richard B., private wealth management clients



Getting personal with Robyn

Robyn is an avid traveller who has visited four of the seven continents. She loves to explore different cultures and cuisines and come back inspired to invite friends and family over for dinners. A trained home chef with a special love of Italian cuisine, Robyn loves to entertain and is known for mixing a delicious Cosmopolitan. She loves working out and reading with her cat Scout, curled up beside her. Robyn lives in Toronto with her husband.